Life, parents, words, and the Word

It’s a sad thought when you think and come to the realization that one’s own mother care about working in the garden than taking care of her own  body.   She just doesn’t seem to get it, and I’m done arguing with her.

She’s 72 and would rather listen to strangers than listen to me. So I’m just letting go and letting God because I’m done with the enemy using this as a way of keeping me stressed, angry and in a state that prevents me from hearing from Him.

I’m done.

I received peace and joy on Sunday.  Unspeakable joy and understanding. And I chose to remain focused on Him than the care and circumstances that would like for me to take my eyes off of Him.

He told me that this is a new Season in the Spirit that I have stepped to and that thing His are different.  His people are REALLY going to have to push if they REALLY want to see HIM, hear from HIM.

It’s going to be REALLY tough to move when He says move or even see and know HIS plans if our eyes are not on HIM.  It’s about being focused.

Like a sharpshooter with his sights on his target.  You have to count the elements, factor the situation around you how it’s going to affect your line of sight and adjust accordingly.  Have the sights lined up and pinpoint.  Why do you think Sharpshooters and Snipers have to go to training school?

Not everyone can be dead on the target…. something to reflect on.

So things have been odd and yet I see Him making the way for me out of unusual circumstances.  A chance to take BF1 and Healing of the Heart1 again at the same time I’m studying one of Beth Moore’s bible studies independently.  And to focus and work it through HAS been a booger.   But keeping my sights dead set on Him and focusing on studying HIS Word with all that I can and while I can.

In today’s lesson, Beth has just the way with words that He has blessed her with.  I will NEVER FORGET this one…. talking about Christ on the Cross and how He struggled to speak to John and His mother while He was on the cross..

‘Perhaps His heart’s pain exceeded the pain of His shredded frame.‘ pg. 54.

And Sunday morning Pastor Joel spoke on the healing of the head which included details of Christ and what He went through just before Golgotha. After Sunday morning service and studying this bible study.  I can now say I fully understand why He sweat drops of blood in Gethsemene. The crucifiction has been sooo real to me lately that it’s all I can think about is HIM and what HE went through.

But seeing those words Beth wrote just…sticks…that is a sentence I don’t want to forget.

She has a way with words… ‘He (John) stayed nearby during Christ’s brightest hour and His darkest hour.  The young disciple knew Jesus in the extreme. John was willing to look when others covered their eyes .  And he beheld Him. How can we behold what we are unwilling to see?’ pg. 55

And I love this paragraph…

‘We cannot claim to know anyone intimately whom we’ve not known in the intensity of both agony and elation.  Anyone with eyes willing to truly behold Jesus will at times be confused and shocked by what she sees.  You see, if we’re willing to be taken to the extreme of His glory where we gain intimate knowledge, we will undoubtedly see Him in situations that we cannot explain and that sometimes disturb.  Then comes the question:  Will we walk away from Jesus when our human understanding sees Him look weak and defeated?’ pg. 55

Will we be able to continue to look at Him no matter what it is that He shows us??

Interesting, huh?


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