8.24.13 – the intent of our hearts pt 2


Okay.  This has not exactly been an easy post and point to share with people.  But with as much opposition I’ve had about this (see part 1)  I’ve had a number of other Believers who have shared that they fully understand what I’m talking about…and do the same.

But why sooo much difficulty?  Someone once told me that can’t when they get  to church and that they are often swamped when they get there and there is toooo much going on to be praying at church, let alone on a daily basis.

In this day and time, I’m not saying that everyone could and should.  I’m not beating this into anyone’s head. This has been the flow from my heart and from my experience.  But seeing as how Anna and Simon did it, why is this not possible?

Now I see that the early saints did the same…if you read further on in the chapter 2.46 and 47, they met daily, then they broke bread in their homes… with glad and sincere hearts.   No one forced them, they wanted to!   The saints of God don’t do this today, but can you imagine the change of our city, state, and country if we did??

Lord have mercy…the revival would break out and the glory of God would shine.. because the people of God had the want, the intent, of worshiping, praising God, and MORE…MORE..MORE  of HIM!

‘And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.’ v.47b  There is more…more I could say, but not EVERYTHING should be shared…

So when it’s all said and done?  What is the intent of the believer’s heart when you go to the House of God? Which is why I like to walk prayerfully in…into the House..in His rooms.

One thing that I don’t get… why are Muslims, Buddhists more respectful in and of their houses of worship but the people of God today don’t get it?  Is this why Jesus said that, ‘the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light.’ (nkjv)  Yet, I distinctly know that someone would say to be as such is to have such a spirit of religion.  To want to do all that..go daily to pray to be at church all the time, to WANT to be there almost all the time….really?

If you REALLY loved someone, wouldn’t you want to be around them all the time?  In their house?  In their car?  Constantly in their presence?

But because GOD is invisible, we don’t have to be there all the time… True.  And the church is more than just a building, it’s the people… True.  But have you EVER considered the possibility that in HIS HOUSE,  it would be EASIER to HEAR from HIM?  To be washed BY HIM? Wash everything…the intimacy would be so greater.

In my house, there is always a need  for attention and something to be done the chance for peace is often rare.  When you go about your day and different places, you’re always in some other territory, someone else’s claim.   Both in the spiritual and the natural.  Even in the workplace, it’s not really yours…your name is not on the deed.

However, if it’s YOUR place of rest and where your altar to the Lord is then it’s your territory and you have to secure your boundaries in HIM and by the blood of the Lamb.  I am my BELOVED and HE is mine.  I am welcomed in HIS HOUSE.  I respect and love to be in HIS HOUSE because that is where HE is.  I would care for my Beloved’s House just as my own.  Which is kinda leading me to the thought of the Proverb 31 woman…this is why or where we should and want to be…

Oh, Bless God!


The irony of this to me is that in the past couple of years this has not been my constant.  I had allowed the world to have sway over my views, that and that of other people’s influence.

But in the middle of July, just before Mom went into the hospital, several things occurred which prompted a strong compelling to go to River Gate for Harp and Bowl.  It had been the first in a LONG time.

There the Holy Spirit revealed to me and uncovered things what has been done and happened to literally keep me from the House of God.  After that, lots of strange occurrences had been manifesting to prevent me from going to the House.

But I am resolved to do that which He is leading me to do.

I hope no one feels any condemnation if they accidentally come across these posts.  My goal was to speak about the study and share some quotes, but I got sidetracked in a way.  Blogging often helps sort out things for me.. and not to condemn anyone in any manner.  These are my thoughts, and feelings sorted…experiences and words that have been spoken to me.

Yet in blogging all this has made me LOVE HIM even more so…and more joy comes with the LOVE.  *GRINS*

GOD is sooo good..and I can be so silly when I’m drunk on HIM.  LOL!


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