Truly Amazing – solitude, still standing?

I think Day 3 of this study, if I let it fully sink into the bones of my spirit, it may mess me up.

I have quotes that I can post, and I had others planned this morning but things didn’t quite fall that way.

So as I’m studying I’m listening to The Passion of the Christ songs, and I originally started off wanting to listen to Truly Amazing by POD.  Instead, New Again played and it just took me there and made me thank Him that Robert will/now have fully functioning lungs to breathe, will be able to walk without the pain of the water weight and that HE died so that my brother may live (though he be dead, yet shall he live).

That Robert would have everything he wanted to be that man of God that he wanted.  HE/Christ suffered it all and rose again to welcome my brother with open arms, and welcomed my dad to such a peace of mind and spirit.

Then what happens..Acts 12 is what happens…

The Beloved Disciple.  The study that takes us through it all looking over the shoulder of the Apostle John, the beloved, the youngest, the revelator, and baby brother to James, second son of Zebedee.

Acts 12.2…James, the brother of John, ran through with a sword to his death.  Hard as it was to deal with James, brother to Jesus’ death at the end of the book of James in another bible study.  Now, to view over John’s shoulder the devastation of the loss of his big brother, and the imprisonment of the Peter, his closest friend.

I have quotes that Beth has said most eloquently.  But it may have to wait while I deal.

New Again was to prep me for the study to come. Yet I can’t help but realize that at the end of Day 2 study, how HE keeps us together despite everything we go through that leaves us devastated and shattered, standing in solitude.  STANDING.

That. In itself is Truly Amazing.


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