I’m sitting here listening to Worship with Andy Crisman formally with 4Him, soaking my foot/ankle in epsom salted water.

And I’m thinking that I wanna be at church….and in a former post I spoke the benefits in being church almost every day praying.

The posts were soooo long I didn’t mention this topic, ‘what if you can’t make it into church?’

All of these do predicate or brings to light the issue the motivation and intent of the heart…. what if you’re stuck at home?  Illness, transportation, family or more??

Ask yourself.  Where is my heart? And what does it want?

Me? My heart wants to soak in worship with my family church and suck up/in more Word.

So what am I going to do about it??

I turned on Worship with Andy Crisman, which is AMAZING to listen and most of the time he plays worship music I haven’t heard before but soooo takes you there in worship.  And I am also set up ready to watch service from my church online which I am VERY thankful that they started doing.

In everything I want to give thanks and praise unto HIM… so even through part of me REALLY wants to be there right now.  The important thing is my all in all in focused in and on the LORD MOST HIGH and to give HIM glory.  =)

No matter anything…a person should not feel condemnation whether they can’t be there at the place where they go worship God or if they can’t be there to pray every day to pray.  There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

There is benefits being there, but HE is also there with you when you seek Him, and you seek Him with all of your heart. =)



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