To follow this blog or not to…

I have been in shock whenever I get some note in my email telling me that someone’s following my blog.

You REALLY don’t have to.

Blogging is more of my way of hashing things out, and making myself more real and transparent.  Most of the time it clarifies me mentally, and emotionally which makes me a better person.

So if, you’re following me for all of the pretty pictures that are often reblogged from other sites.  Don’t.  It’s not always going to happen.

Granted I love those pics with the Word but still…

It’ll get a little rough.  And who knows, I have a tendency to offend people. It’s been that way since I was a child.

The white people on my dad’s side of the family always had issue with dad marrying an asian woman.  Believe me.  As a wee child, I heard things at  the family gathering, and I never wanted to return to another one.

People underestimate children.  Especially when they’re two.  They absorb things greatly and believe me, they know when they are not liked or their mother.

So.  Feel free to unfollow.

If you  WANT TO… WELCOME. =)

If I sound goofy or wack.  Pay it no attention and just move on… offline, I REALLY don’t like to verbally say much, but I do observe as much as I possibly can and write a WHOLE lot hashing out EVERYTHING.





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