WBS: Gideon

At my church, RiverGate Tulsa, this is the bible study that we are going to have September 25th.

Here’s some video clips or peek previews into the study…


Gideon: God sustains us

More details about this particular study can be found here:  http://www.lifeway.com/n/Product-Family/Gideon?intcmp=BibleStudy-Tiled-Tiled-Gideon-20130425

It will be here… at RiverGate Church in Tulsa OK.


Personal note:  I WILL be blogging my thoughts and experiences throughout the study.  My reflections and things learned.  Each are of my own opinion and  what I blog, my church holds and bears no responsibilty of and for. My thoughts and reflections are my own.

So this is a wee disclaimer.  lol.


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