New Moves and revelations…

Every time I get started in study and worship, the furbabies decided that they want to get loud playing.  Or Junsu wants to play dominance with Cric… and she’s not too down with that.  *chuckles* Bless her heart.

I have been journaling my prayers and His responses to my questions in prayer on the chromebook  which will be getting a name soon, but I have a feeling in my spirit there is already a name for the  cb.

Blogging my revelations, inspirations and adventures in bible study and the other classes help with transparency and bring it all home.

We just started the study on Gideon and that’s going to be another entry because in doing the daily work, He’s illuminating a lot of things and dropping things within my spirit.

The Hearing God’s Voice class has been like OMG to me.  Now when I say OMG.. it’s ohmigoodness.  I never say God in that manner.  I just wanted to say.Mark

I miss Charmaine.  But I also see why she’s waaaaaayyyyyy out there and not here in OK.  I don’t like bothering people with emails and txts but just pray that she’s well.

Oh back to what I was saying about the Hearing God’s Voice class.  Actually it’s How to hear God’s Voice. The txt is the book by Mark Virkler.  I have NEVER seen or heard someone more left brained than I.  Robert would say that Virkler is more Vulcan than I. lolz

Which is what makes this class so AWESOME.  Virkler understands the want to reason things and also in hearing God’s voice.  What he learned and in his teaching, his sense of humor is so hilarious.

I’m just astounded that more haven’t taken this class. I could go on but my brain and spirit is going on faster than I can type.

In the want for more of HIM I am often frustrated by my own flesh and in the all…I want MORE OF HIM and my own selfish fleshly self to just shut up and be crucified because I want less of me and more of Him.  Because in the worship and the Word I soooo found the strength and freedom completely in HIM.

*HAPPY SMILE*  HIS Spirit has just been moving amazingly on and in me and would utterly shock the old me.  But HE has utterly wrecked me and my preconceived ideas. How ‘We’ Christians tend to put ourselves and HIM in a box but that box is not where HE wants us or wants to be in HIMSELF.


I was going to share worship music from a group that I’ve been listening to and worship in/with but WordPress gets a little strange when you add a vid in a post so it’s going to be the next post that can be more easily seen.

AAANNNNDDD!!! Most of the growth came when in revelation HE revealed to me just how much the enemy did not want me to worship and celebrate in worship GOD and to flow in the HOLY SPIRIT and intimacy with HIM in worship by literally stealing my breath. But when I learned this and became determined in my soul that I would not allow the fear to bind me and worship with the all of me…the constriction on my chest and lungs went away.

Worship is soooo awesome, amazing and beautiful. =)


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