It’s never an easy road..He never promised a rose garden…

When I was little there was a song that said, ‘ I never promised you a rose garden.’ And the same applies to walking the road of being a believer, a disciple… one who wants HIM  so desperately and earnestly.  HIS LOVE is soooo amazing.  But Christians should NEVER lead a new believer with the impression or the words telling them that everything in life will be hunky dory after accepting Christ.   If someone were to tell me that I would want my money back.

Even though love strengthens and motivates to keep moving even when you just want to crawl in the hole and pull the dirt over your head.  It’s a beautiful thing when you don’t cave under the pain and pressure to stand after the hurricane and look up and shout, ‘THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE STRENGTH AND I’M STILL STANDING!’ 

Why all of this??  The past several weeks I have been EXTREMELY blessed and taught by God.  At the same time, I was sidelined like a car stuck on a railroad track.   Since last Friday, it’s been as if someone right hooked me in the jaw, and the difficulties have been unbelievable.  

And you know it’s a spiritual attack and warfare when everything is alright when you’re not studying the Word, and praying but the minute you apply in reading, meditating, and worship, you FEEL the intensity of the pain all over again.  Robbing you of breath to worship, strength to focus…

Yet, in my heart of heart, I will always believe and continue to say, ‘ Lord, in YOU, I live, move and have my being.’  Always and forever.  


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