Beth Moore and my thoughts on today’s session in the Beloved Disciple

Beth said something in today’s session when she was talking about the inspired Word.  I love how she expressed that every time we come alive in reading His Word that we are breathing in life, and that the Word and the covenant are so tied together.  One of the basic purposes of the Word is His communication with us.  ‘This book – His Son  is His expression of wanting to communicate with us.’

And I love this… ‘ ‘And old Word with a fresh breath.  When it’s not falling fresh then we’ve scooted away from the mouth of God.’  Beth tickled me, she said, ‘ it’s like God with a continual tic tac.’  She be so goofy sometimes.  lol!

The following is from the wbk.   ‘ Based on a comparison between 2 Pet. 1.20-21 and 1Chron. 28.19, we might say the men God used to write Scripture served as neither the author nor the ink.  They served as the pen.  The author is God, the Holy Spirit, and the ink flowing through that pen is the Holy Spirit, the breath of God that He’s pouring though.’

‘The only way we will ever really know the Word, both the Person and the print, is to know His Words.’

And this one hit close, she said that, ‘Nature should help us apply but not be our theology’.  Meaning in reference of inspiration.  That nature should help us with the inspiration from God or the apply the inspiration of God.  Not instead of being the theology. 

It hit close because often times, in the past I used to go hide among the woods to use to be inspired by God. But it is so easy to allow the forest and nature to take over using them for inspiration instead of seeking Him through His Word.  I think it all depends on the heart of a person. =)

*happy smile*  


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