Cornerstone – foundational strength

As I mentioned in a previous post that having a solid ground, a solid foundation based and built on Yeshua as my cornerstone has become important and a strength to me..

In a time where we can be buffeted by all sorts of winds of emotion, circumstances and doctrine, I felt in my spirit one day that I had had enough of the torrent winds shaking my every emotion and that I was going to be like the immovable mountain my base sure and well defined. Strong and settled. No matter what emotion assailed me, my trust, my hope, my all would rest assuredly on Yeshua.

We, as women, are often manipulated by and through our emotions all through our lives. However, remembering the truth and staying constantly in His Word helps me strengthen this foundation.

Anything other than His Word is and has been dull and muted. But this is something I discovered in my studies of the Nazarites something that is done as well… it is said they seek to be fully taught by God through the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know if many can understand this but as soon as I read this, I fully understood this because He has spoken very clearly to me things He has wanted me to study and words He has placed for me to pursue.

He, Himself taught me things about prayer that I cannot and could not get from man because they would think that I am insane, but only those who have been in the similar situations or have the same callings understood.

I have shared things with a friend or two, thinking they understood only to see in the spirit that even though they did not say it straight to my face, they thought that I was ‘off’.

I have strayed off topic, haven’t I? I’m way more tired than I thought.

Well, later I will edit and add references and links as I like to do when I mention research stuff. lol.

Meanwhile. Introducing my new theme song… or the theme of my life..


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