The struggle, the fight, and the Word..

Things have been extremely difficult since I started in the bible study with Jonah because my flesh was in SERIOUS disagreement with my spirit.  I knew that I had this THANG about Jonah.  I did not like Jonah.  Did not want to be Jonah, let alone know more than I wanted and yet the HS told me that He said yes He  wanted me in the bible study.

And what do you know happened or has been happening?  HIM speaking and making everything coalate with what He’s speaking in His Word.

You know He is speaking when everything starts to confirm and reaffirm words that He spoke into your spirit.

Then it becomes a matter of me, whether or not I like it, to reflect and come into an understanding of what He is telling me.

Needless to say this is hard as a concrete block.



I actually started this post back in March, but it is no less different today even in my study of the Apostle John.  But in John comes the question as to why He wanted me to study the life and works of John.   He is illuminating my mind and moving upon my spirit the understanding of a life of a disciple.  And the true meanings of faith, believing, and loving others.


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