Mah birthday and being a dreadhead pt.2

This morning I wasn’t able to post the pics and go into more detail and talk about being a chica with dreadlocs.


The above isn’t me but rather shows something… an acceptance no matter what you look like.  Let alone HAIRSTYLE.

I hate being told that I’m just trying to be black because I have dreadlocks.  I did ALOT of research before coming to the decision to have Nazarene dreads.. I have prayed and researched.

So,  I had peace when I started…this discord about my dreads had caused old wounds to open and make me wonder a couple of things…

Why am I still having birthdays when the sibling who had the most to look forward to no longer isn’t?  The justice escapes me each time.

2.  When or what happened to the inner peace I had about myself?

When friends no longer txt or replies, you begin to wonder what is wrong?

Ugggghh… I know better than this.. but I feel as if my confidence flew out the window.



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