1.14.15- Purity, holiness, and the wonderings of the heart

This is also a wee experiment that I am doing in order to figure out wordpress’ program… so if you don’t see the video,’Holy’ with Jesus Culture then just click the link below it.

Here’s the link…  Holy – Jesus Culture

It kinda amuses me that when a fasting goes ‘right’ with me that the issue of purity, and holiness becomes a wee bit more obsessed than usual.  lol.

And as of late I’ve become a tad bit more hungry for worship music.  I’ve noticed that my musical leanings tend to change as the season of growth that comes in the Spirit.

And the hunger to worship Him more increases the hunger for more of the Word.  This new season in Him and move from the transition to this new level has been a bit odd but an encounter for more of Him.

So I may ramble on more here, and share more observations as time goes on.



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