2.18.15 – briefly what happens when you’re immersed in bible study

I have been so caught up in the study of the Apostle John.  John the Revelator.

So I’m near the end of the workbook where it goes on in Revelation, and I discovered after all these years one can still be astounded by what one learns in the Word.

I’ve read Revelation before…avoided it as a kid…blah blah’ed as a teen, and now, in the recent weeks discovered how in awe I am and would be if it were me in John’s place.  My heart literally.. I literally was in awe. I couldn’t take it..

So now I’ve been reading Rev. 14.  for a portion of the day absorbing the Word.

That’s what it feels like lately…absorbing the Word. When I have the urge to hear Misty Edwards sing Ez. 1 which ties into this study, and I discover an album I haven’t heard before, Measure of Love. When I get to the song on the cd called the Harlot and my mind goes,’what?’ and I’m thinking why is she singing about the Whore of Babylon? Duh…

I listen to the vid on youtube and it hits me..girl, there was more than one Harlot in the Word. *shakes mah head* I’ve been in the Revelation a bit long. lol.

Here’s the song with Misty in the Prayer Room at Ihop.


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