The life, the wait, and the move of the Lord

The Lord will move where, and whenever He wants and I’m alright by it all.

There has been a constant prompting for the last several weeks concerning fasting and other things.  It’s been like this continual call and restlessness when my attention is away from Him.  So I took a look at the Hebrew calendar and I see the reason why.

Last Sunday, there was and unusual prompting in my spirit and Tuesday  I discovered that the 13th was the 29th of Elul the Erev Rosh Hashanah.   It was like a light bulb going off in mah brain.  Yes, I do have a tendency of some cluelessness.   Something I’ve been praying about.  lol.

It’s so funny how we can be so clueless and so on top of other things.

Life, huh?

So since then, I’ve discovered some new books by John Miller that has taken me to a new level of prayer and prepareness for life and things to come, and I’ve wrestled with mah thing about prayer books.  But I would be alert, and prepared than lax and then the enemy attack while I wasn’t looking.

There is laziness, and then there’s watchful alertness.   Big diff but must be noted to one’s own self.

During all this I’ve been discovering a ton of things, information and lovely things…

John Waller’s album, The Blessing.  LOVE IT!  This album speaks so much especially when a person is craving more of God and all of Him, everything concerning Him.

My church has undergone a number of changes.. all of which I’ve been mindful and prayerful of because I’ve learned the wisdom of something my dad told me as a child.  ‘Think before you speak.’  4 words with such wisdom to it.

So I keep my mouth on watch and my eyes/ears alert, praying always with all manner of prayer and supplication before Him. BTW, I’m one of those people who so obsessed with Yeshua and the Word that if I were a cat I’d be rolling on it all the time.  XD If I could ABSORB the Word through my skin I would love it.  XD

Where am I going with all this?  I’m sorta rambling.  I haven’t blogged here in a good while.. this is sorta like the state of whatsbeengoingonwitme. =)

So I’ve been doing alot of reading, praying and researching and have found that all the stuff that has been weighing on me and areas where He’s been calling me comes together when I do the research… like this…

There is a grace of God, where double gates will be opened for those who seek to enter in to heaven’s gate (bethel the house of God), where unity in God (according to His ordained quorum)is blessed as we join in true community with each other and the Lord. This is a coming away to the Lord, and involves the need to construct the outer wall, and to place the blood of Christ over the entrances.

We are still in the season of war, in natural and spiritual, involving battles between kingdoms. Press in for the warfare of heaven, knowing our weapons are not carnal, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. Be alert, and pray, for the rest from kingdom wars on earth is at risk….man’s works will endeavour to rise up. The grace of God that brings an overflow of Him, Jesus Christ in us and His church, and thus being a sanctuary and answer in the season of war. A true place of rest, perhaps even from the season of war, where the battle strategy is to rest in Him. The works of man in the trading and financial systems in the world are completely vulnerable to the writhing of Leviathan as he is moved away from the church.

Found here..

This clarifies to me the constant urge in keeping watch over my territory, the land and property..praying a covering over family and friends.  Feeling the need to be more watchful.

On Wednesday, the wbs is studying Kelly Minter’s study on 1-3 John…






This last one I just had to post because I heart it.  I’ve been studying on the HS and I found this to be true.


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